Joe Flacco is the NFL’s Highest Paid QB

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Posted by bernreuther on March 3, 2013 at 11:41 pm

… for now, anyway.

PFT has the details. They nudged the AAV of the Drew Brees contract up just a touch, so now Flacco is being paid more handsomely than several QBs that are much better than he is.

The Ravens really didn’t have much of a choice, especially given that they didn’t want to have to apply a Franchise Tag, but one has to say Linta and Flacco are the big winners here. There aren’t any stats and there isn’t any game tape that tells you that Flacco is in the same tier of QB as guys like Rodgers, Brady, Manning, and Brees. None. And now, much like Eli Manning was when he signed his current deal, he is going to earn more money than all of those guys.

At least until Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, and Aaron Rodgers sign new deals.

As several smart people have noted, this will just keep pushing the salaries for premium QBs higher, which then squeezes guys at other positions. There’s a shrinking middle class in the NFL these days, and while this isn’t something that we can specifically blame on De Smith, the NFLPA, and the new CBA, this unintended effect of the natural workings of the market is probably going to wipe out whatever progress was made towards paying veterans that came with the new rookie wage scale.

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