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Falcons Cut Abraham; May Pursue Freeney (?)

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There are far too many roster moves being made for me to post them; that’s not my goal for this site anyway. You can use PFT or Twitter for that.

But one caught my eye: The Falcons cut John Abraham.

Cutting a player a year early is always better than cutting him a year late. And Abraham, while productive, is a declining player. Even if it’s a slow decline, it’s a decline. And it will only get quicker.

But Abraham is still productive, and his cap hit of just north of $7 million really isn’t bad. At all.

Still, if the Falcons think his talents are diminished and that he’s not worth that, they’re right to make the move.

What I don’t get – if true – are the rumblings that they may pursue Dwight Freeney.

As I’ve noted before, I’m a Freeney FAN. Capital letters. But I don’t see any way whatsoever that he’ll end up with a contract that provides the Falcons (or any team) with a cap number that is substantially lower than Abraham’s. And given that they’re basically the same age and that Freeney is a bit of a decline and injury risk too, I would have a very hard time – as an outsider – figuring out why a contending team would release a reasonably paid aging pass rusher only to replace him with a very similar player that is also in decline , but who will also be much more likely to command an overpriced retail-level contract due to his reputation, the market, and his expectations.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. So I’m guessing they have other things in mind.

Mar 1, 2013