Cap News: 2013 Cap Number, Franchise Tag Amounts

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Posted by bernreuther on March 1, 2013 at 4:31 pm

Some news:

1) Mike Florio has two sources that peg the 2013 Salary Cap at $123 million precisely. Chris Mortenson had it at $123.9 though. $123 seems like a safe bet. So it’s a modest increase, small enough to say that the cap has been roughly flat now for three years. This trend doesn’t show all that many signs of reversing either, even as the new TV contracts kick in. The new CBA looks more and more like a victory for owners and the better GMs and a loss for the players. And some teams and GMs are going to find their backs against the wall as the expected increases don’t happen. Those problems are what impact and screw over the NFLPA, as perfectly useful players will lose their jobs because of mismanagement and bad assumptions made by GMs.

2) Albert Breer of the NFL Network has the franchise tender amounts by position.

QB: $14.9 million

DE: $11.18 million

CB: $10.85 million

WR: $10.54 million

OL: $9.83 million

LB: $9.62 million

DT: $8.45 million

RB: $8.22 million

S: $6.9 million

TE: $6.07 million

K/P: $2.98 million

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