24 Hours to Lots of Overpayments…

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Posted by bernreuther on March 11, 2013 at 2:58 pm

As the title states, tomorrow is the opening of NFL Free Agency, and the flurry to get things done quickly and outbid competitors leads to a lot of inflated contracts.

Like many smart people, I’m of the opinion that it’s a better idea to wait and pluck some of the second tier players for much more affordable sums. These early march contracts almost never end up being good ideas.

Surely you know that PFT (or that stupid Twitter thing) will be your best source for news, but it’s worth noting that the posts made later in the days by Florio himself will contain a lot of quality analysis and numbers breakdowns. Another site I only recently discovered, Over the Cap, will also likely provide like-minded analysis and news. That site is the same author as the NY Jets page I found years ago, and his blog is pretty much exactly what I’d like this one to be if I had the time to update it that often. Additionally, he has mostly accurate cap data for EVERY TEAM in the league. What an excellent resource.

So keep an eye on those guys this week. And best of luck in seeing your team make only good decisions.

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